Our Services

Our services

What We Do?

International Shipping

With our state-of-the-art fleet and extensive logistics network, we provide partial or complete transportation to all of Europe and Russia, especially Bulgaria, Romania, and Greece.

Ocean Freight

We provide services with our wide agency network all around the world through sea transportation from port to port or door to door according to our customers' needs.


We provide open and closed warehousing services with our state-of-the-art warehouse and skilled personnel located in Istanbul.

Collaboration Steps

How We Work

Initial Communication

The customer contacts the company to discuss their needs.


The company evaluates the customer's logistics needs and offers a proposal.


If the customer accepts the offer, a contract is signed between the two parties.

Planning & Implementation

The company then plans the logistics process and schedules the necessary resources.

Advanced and sustainable logistics solutions

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We Offer a Solution

Road transports

The countries we operate in include all of Europe and Russia, with a focus on Bulgaria, Greece, and Romania.

  • Partial transportation
  • Our own goods vehicles
  • Fast operations
  • Possibility of Hanging and Textile Tool
  • Ocean Freight

    Our global business network, we provide sea transportation from port to port or door-to-door worldwide.

  • Global reach
  • Wide business network
  • Flexible solutions
  • Warehouse

    You can choose from services such as shelving systems, pallet Warehouse, and built-in Warehouse.

  • Professional team
  • Secure goods loading/unloading
  • Efficient Stock management